my name is Darren & thanks for stopping by to view my Portfolio & to learn a bit more about myself & the way I work. I live in the beautiful

Yorkshire countryside & Wedding Photography takes me all over the UK & Overseas if required. In the little spare time I have I enjoy spending 

time with my Wife & my little boy. I also photograph established bands & musicians for various online & print publications. I really enjoy capturing

the performance at a gig & have been fortunate to photograph diverse genres of artists & bands such as Kasabain, Snoop Dogg & The Script to 

name but a few. You can see my music portfolio at www.darrenmcdermottphotography.co.uk

have learned over the years to listen to the Stories my couples tell me & by listening & understanding only then can I tell your Story. 


try to work as unobtrusively as possible at your Wedding. You can only tell a Story

by letting it unfold in front of you. Of course I will offer you direction when we get to your portrait session

& also at any point throughout your Wedding if you ask me. As I have said though, I do like to let your Story

unfold for the majority of the day.


will receive all the images from myself on a personalised USB & Custom made case, I also include a Slideshow

of the day set to a song of your choice. 

This will keep your Story together & will enable you to share your memories & re-live your Story time & time



if you would to discuss your Wedding then please fill out my contact form & we can start from there! Or alternatively

you can call me on 07884185686.

I look forward to listening to your Story.